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What is is a one of it’s kind initiative by HDFC Credila- An HDFC Ltd. Company. It offers it’s Education Loan applicants special benefits and offers to help save on products that students usually need to buy for higher education in India or overseas

Why is HDFC Credila doing this?

HDFC Credila understands that each higher education aspirant needs to avail various products and services before and during the course of his higher education years. So, as a special initiative,HDFC Credila has put together exciting offers on such required products like Airfares, extra baggage, calling cards, laptops, mobile phones, tabs, other gadgets , eye wear, online shopping, stationary, live project portals, language classes & vaccination too.

This initiative is to help higher education aspirants SAVE on their expenses.

Who can avail these offers?

This offer is valid for students who apply to HDFC Credila for an education loan for studies in India or overseas, 1st March 2021 till 28th February 2023

  • The applicant must be an Indian.
  • The applicant should be applying for an education loan for pursuing higher education.
  • The application must be accepted as per HDFC Credila’s Credit policy and norms.

Can I avail all these offers?

Yes, you can avail all the offers/choose to avail as many offers as you want post applying to HDFC Credila.

What do I have to do to avail these offers?

Availing these offers is very simple:
Step 1: Apply to HDFC Credila for an Education Loan at
Step 2: HDFC Credila will send an email with the ‘Discount codes’ and the process for availing these offers.
Step 3: Use the discount codes/ follow the simple steps to avail these offers
Note: To avail some of the discounts, you may need to show the HDFC Credila’s loan sanction letter’. So, do keep it handy with you where ever it is required

When will I receive the offer ecodes?

The offer ecodes will be sent to your email id shared on the application form within 10 days of your application date. Incase you do not receive the email even after 10 days of your application date, please contact us at 1800-209-3636 or write to us at

Can I choose to avail only some of the offers from those listed at

Yes, while each applicant is eligible to avail ALL the offers, one may choose to use only some of them. It is completely the choice of the applicant to decide if he wants to use ALL or only a select few offers. Any participation in this offer is voluntary.

What is the validity of this offer?

The validity of each offer is mentioned at and may vary from case to case basis, with a maximum validity.

Are there any hidden costs in these?

No there are no hidden costs at all. These offers are extended for FREE to HDFC Credila’s Education Loan Applicants. All transactions pertaining to the offers on will be done directly with the associated Companies.

Do I need to buy the product listed at directly from HDFC Credila?

HDFC Credila is merely compiling these offers together for its Education Loan customers. No transaction will be made with HDFC Credila for the products and discounts listed at

  • HDFC Credila shall not be held liable for any defect /technical glitches in availing the discount offers
  • HDFC Credila does not hold any warranty or make any representations of the availability, delivery, quality, merchantability or suitability of the offer provided by the companies whose offer is displayed at The company providing the product/service shall only be solely liable for the same
  • You would need to agree to the Terms & Conditions of the participating Companies to avail this offer.

I already have applied for an education loan from HDFC Credila. Will I be eligible to avail these offers?

Applicants availing an education loan disbursement from HDFC Credila post March 2021 will be eligible to avail these offers. Any applicant who availed the Education Loan from HDFC Credila before this date will not be eligible to avail this offer.

What do I get if I register on this website?

On registration, HDFC Credila’s representative will contact you and help you through the process of application (in case you haven’t already applied to us) and answer any queries pertaining to the offers on

If my friend is interested in these benefits, what should I do?

If your friend is also planning to pursue higher education, you may ask him/her to register with us on this website or call us at 1800-2093636 and our staff will help them through the application process. Or else your friend can apply to us directly at

I am not a HDFC Credila customer, can I avail these benefits?

If you are not a HDFC Credila Customer, but are planning to pursue higher education, you may register with us on this website or call us at 1800-2093636 and our staff will help them through the application process. Or else you can apply to us directly at

My loan application got rejected at HDFC Credila, can I still avail these benefits?

All applicants who are eligible for an education loan as per our Credit policy shall be eligible to avail these benefits.

Is it mandatory to be HDFC Credila's customers to get these benefits?

Yes, these offers are only for HDFC Credila’s Education Loan customers.

I have some questions to ask? How can I contact you?

We have very helpful, very informative Staff, available to answer any questions. They're here to guide you through the application process and answer any questions you or your family may have about HDFC Credila Education Loan or the offers at

For any queries, please call us at 1800-209-3636 or write to us at







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